It’s perfection 💯—your 5-month-old baby

Done is better than perfect. 

It’s perfection 💯—your 5-month-old baby

They say a mother's work is never done. We say—hire a once-a-month house cleaner, put your MIL on laundry duty, make your partner give you a night off, and take a break to do something that YOU love. Just for you. Just for fun. A mother's work is never done—unless she says, “I'm clocking out!" and makes it happen. The time to practice self-care is now.



P.S. Wondering what to do with your precious day/night/hour off? Try our new mother's self-care checklist for some inspired ideas.

👶Baby this week: Baby is starting to jabber! Try this: Respond to her conversation as if you know exactly what she's saying. And although she's more likely to belt out “dada" before “mama," bond this week by telling her all about her lovely mother. “Mama is going out to dinner with her friends!"

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