At Motherly we talk a lot about how a massive body of research shows that today's moms are stressed out and burning out. This is a problem we have reported on extensively, but we're not just talking about it, we're listening, too. Our mamas are telling us that they are doing everything they can to support their children—but no one is supporting them. In 2019, Motherly's second annual State of Motherhood survey revealed 85% of American mothers say that society doesn't understand or support them. So in 2020, Motherly is standing with organizations and advocacy groups fighting to get American mothers the support they need and deserve. Motherly has partnered with Mom Congress, a coalition of non-profit organizations, and on January 20, 2020, we will launch the #yearofthemother campaign on social media. This is the year we demand support for mothers: Motherly demands paid family leave in America. Motherly demands America's maternal health crisis be addressed. Motherly demands better maternal mental health support. Motherly demands support for mothers feeding their babies. Motherly demands affordable childcare solutions. Motherly demands changes to the cultural expectations that contribute to maternal stress. Research suggests America's mothers are the most stressed moms in the western world, and it's no wonder. The United States is the only member country of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that has not implemented paid leave on a national basis. We need policies that support mothers and address the conflicting cultural expectations mothers are facing. Right now, working parents often feel as if they must pretend they are not parents at all in order to succeed at work. At the same time, mothers are under intense pressure to breastfeed but have little support to do so when they return to work. And when we get home, mamas are still working: We are doing way more than our fair share of unpaid care work while increasingly serving as household breadwinners.

We are not superheroes, we need support

Moms are often compared to superheroes in our society. Like superheroes, we are expected to do everything for everyone. We are expected to save the day, every day, and we have been doing our best for a long time. But we're not superhuman. We have human bodies that need time to heal and time to rest.

Join us in making 2020 the #yearofthemother.

As we move forward in 2020 we will continue to cover these issues in our news section, amplifying voices through compelling journalism and discussing the issues with public figures. If you have a news tip, please contact