Ayesha Curry is a mama of three, the new brand ambassador for the Honest Company , and she's also now recovering from surgery to remove both her thyroid and a cyst. In an Instagram Story shared Friday, Curry posted a photo of herself in the hospital and wrote, "Had my thyroid and cyst removal this am. All went well. God is good. Thank you for your prayers." Curry has been very open about her health, and struggles with hyperemesis gravidarum during her last pregnancy with her Canon, who was born in July. Hyperemesis gravidarum, or HG is a severe form of morning sickness that can cause mothers to lose weight, cause dangerous dehydration and often means the mothers who suffer from it can't work or enjoy a lot of pregnancy milestones because they can hardly even get out of bed. For Curry, a restauranteur and cookbook author, the unrelenting nausea of HG was really hard to deal with.
"This is my third pregnancy and I've gotta tell ya, this one has topped the cake when it comes to being tough and exhausting. I️ simply cannot wait to have this baby and feel like 'myself again'," Curry wrote on her blog back in February. "The nausea, incessant sickness and exhaustion probably won't go away. The only silver linings here are that my itty bitty baby is healthy and Princess Kate has suffered from the same condition during her pregnancies. Not feeling super royal though."
Research indicates hyperemesis gravidarum and thyroid abnormalities are linked and hyperemesis gravidarum can lead to hyperthyroidism. That's why some women who've had HG during pregnancy need close monitoring of their thyroid function in the postpartum period. Curry was likely monitored closely after welcoming Canon in July, and is obviously taking care of her health, something too many mamas but to the back burner. We're glad to hear that Curry is doing well after her surgery and hope that her honesty about her health helps other mothers remember to care for their own.

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