After a stormy few months, country star Jana Kramer is expecting her second child in November after experiencing secondary infertility. With her rainbow on the horizon, Kramer says she wants to share her story so that other people who are struggling to have a baby may know they aren't alone.

"We lost in October and then we did an IVF cycle and we lost in February," she says to People, explaining she's had three miscarriages and two chemical pregnancies in total.

Last October, Kramer revealed her miscarriage, saying she didn't want to "suffer silently."

"I don't want I'm sorry or sympathy. I just don't want to feel alone. And I know I'm not," she said on Instagram. "For the women out there who have miscarried in the past and need support and a place to grieve their little one lost or to those in the thick of it like me who are currently grieving and in pain, let us all be there for each other."

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For Kramer, who has a 2-year-old daughter named Jolie with her husband, former NFL player Mike Caussin, infertility hasn't been the only struggle on the road to a second baby. Seven months after Jolie's birth, the parents announced they were taking a break because Caussin had been unfaithful during their marriage. He then sought treatment and the couple came together to work on strengthening their relationship. Now, Kramer says, they feel stronger than ever.

"We both know that children do not save a marriage," she says, adding she really had to lean on Caussin during her difficult first trimester—which kept her bedridden for six weeks. "This time around he's just truly been the greatest support system I could've ever asked for. It feels so much more unified and I love that."

Her 2-year-old daughter was also a trooper when morning sickness took Kramer out of commission. Still, Kramer says the #momguilt has been real. "I felt like I was just doing such a bad job as a mom because Jolie's super active right now."

Now into her second trimester and feeling much better, Kramer is eagerly anticipating her November rainbow—and wants others struggling with fertility to feel encouraged by her story. "So I want to be able to be like, 'Hey, I know it's hard but just try to have some hope.'"