In honor of being 1 month old, baby True is making her debut—and the video shared by proud mama Khloe Kardashian is beyond adorable.

“Happy one month old, mama,” Kardashian says in the clip of True with some lullaby tunes in the background. “I love you, pretty girl.”

If we were Kardashian, we would have been soaking up that month of snuggles, too—look at those big eyes, cheeks and dark hair! Little True definitely meets the qualifications for kinderschema, the scientifically identified physical traits that make babies irresistible.

This is a big weekend for Kardashian. Not only is she marking one month of motherhood, but she’s also celebrating her first Mother’s Day as a mama. As she’s shared in the past, she’s learned a lot from her mother and sisters about parenthood. “Even though I’m not big on taking advice—I don’t believe there’s only one-way-or-the-highway and we all have to adapt into our own routines—it’s so comforting to know that I have sisters whom I can ask about anything that may come up.”

Of course, all the advice in the world can only prepare you so much for the experience of motherhood. But it sounds like Kardashian is thriving (despite some challenges) and truly enjoying True.

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