You might know Mindy Kaling from her work in "The Office" and "Oceans's 8" or maybe from co-creating shows like, "Never Have I Ever" and "The Sex Lives of College Girls."

Kaling is without a doubt an entertainment mogul in her own right. So, why are people still focused on who the father of her children is, rather than her amazing achievements in film and television?

It's 2022, people! Knowing all of the scintillating details about how Mindy Kaling's children (or anybody's children for that matter) were conceived is so unnecessary.

Kaling had her daughter, Katherine, in 2017 and her son, Spencer, in 2020. She has never shared with the public any of the details about her journey to motherhood. But, she has referred to herself as a "single parent."

So, what's the question on everyone's minds these days? Well, in a recent interview with Marie Claire she talks about why she won't reveal her children's conception stories and why she won't reveal anything about their paternity.

"I want them to be old enough to talk to me about it. I’m the only parent my kids have. I think I err on the side of super cautious so that there’s less things they can potentially be mad at me about down the line.”

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Wanting to protect your children is a mama bear instinct that I think we can all relate to. It's the same reason some people decide not to post pictures of their little ones on social media. But, of course, when you're in the limelight then your children are also, to some degree, going to be there with you.

So, when Mindy Kaling says she's just trying to protect her children's privacy and not give them a reason to say "Mom!" in that eye-rolling voice no one wants to hear, well, I think we're all on board with her!

Still wondering what the word on the street is regarding the father of her children? Speculation about her children's father usually goes to BJ Novak. That's right, Kaling's colleague, long-time close friend and once-upon-a-time partner.

In the same interview she refers to BJ Novak as, "the godparent to both my kids." And, she says the rumors about him being their biological father don't bother her.

She adds, "They have such a great relationship. If that’s what is going to be titillating to people, I’ll take it.”

But, truly, it's what else Mindy says about choosing to have children that's most amazing about this interview.

"I waited until I had the means and that made all the difference, the 43-year-old says. Then, referencing the recent overturn of Roe v Wade, she continues, “The choice to have a child—by yourself, on your own terms—it was the best part of my life...It's the thing that I hope women feel confident doing by themselves.”

Adding to the topic of choosing on your own terms to have children, Kaling says this is her advice to all women, “I wish every 19-year-old girl would come home from college and that the gift—instead of buying them jewelry or a vacation or whatever—is that their parents would take them to freeze their eggs…They could do that once and have all these eggs for them, for their futures…to focus in your twenties and thirties on your career, and yes, love, but to know that when you're emotionally ready, and, if you don't have a partner, you can still have children.” 

The current price tag for freezing your eggs is $15,000! Kaling acknowledges that this makes it basically impossible for so many people. But a girl can dream, right?