Our bodies change so much during pregnancy. Between the weight gain, the waddle and things getting all swollen, you can end up feeling like your body just doesn't fit anymore.

That's been true for Jessica Simpson during her third pregnancy. The mogul mama had problems with her swollen feet, and now she's having a problem with her toilet. "Warning...Don't lean back on the toilet when pregnant," Simpson captioned a pic of her broken seat.

Simpson has a great sense of humor about this whole breaking-the-toilet episode, but it's pretty clear this pregnancy has been hard on her.

She's been wearing slippers almost exclusively, judging by her last few Instagram pics, and can't even sleep in her bed at night. "Severe pregnancy acid reflux has led to the purchase of my very own sleep recliner," she captioned a pic of herself lounging in the chair.

Insane heartburn, broken toilets and feet so swollen only slippers will fit. Pregnancy sure isn't fun sometimes (especially when you're in the home stretch like Simpson), but having done this before she knows it's worth it in the end.

"The one thing that gets me through this pregnancy is knowing I will get another one of these cuties," Simpson recently captioned a photo of her 6-year-old daughter Maxwell and 5-year-old son Ace.

Hang in there, Jessica. You'll be cuddling your new baby, sleeping horizontally and wearing real shoes very soon.

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