Fixer-Upper star Joanna Gaines expecting her fifth baby and while her bump isn’t very big just yet, her pregnancy cravings are.

“Woke up this morning at 2:30 AM and was craving fruity pebbles, a pimento cheese sandwich, chicken spaghetti, deviled eggs, and ranch dressing,” Gaines wrote on Instagram.

If, like Gaines, you’ve woken up in the middle of the night wishing for cereal and ranch, you’re hardly alone. Studies have shown between 50 to 90% of expectant moms experience food cravings during pregnancy, but a study out of the University at Albany suggests these cravings are mostly psychological (you don’t actually need ranch, even if it feels like that.)

With fruity pebbles, chicken spaghetti and the rest of her first choices unavailable, Gaines just whipped up some chocolate chip cookies instead.

The recipe will be found in her upcoming cookbook, Magnolia Table, and at a Waco, Texas breakfast spot by the same name slated to open in the spring.

“With all the restaurant’s final tastings, the cookbook (yes these cookies are in it!), and this pregnancy, I’m definitely growing at a record rate,” Gaines told her Instagram followers after posting a pic of her drool-worthy baked goods (is there anything Joanna isn’t good at?)

The restaurant’s due date looks to be sooner than Joanna’s, so the newest baby Gaines will likely still be baking when Magnolia Table sees its first customers.

Gaines’ late night craving confession leaves us with two questions: How can we get reservations at Magnolia Table and how long until Chip starts feeling sympathy cravings?