Chip + Joanna Gaines have picked an unexpected name for their boy!

This baby boy has a different first initial than his brothers.

Chip + Joanna Gaines have picked an unexpected name for their boy!

Baby Gaines has a name! Chip Gaines announced Saturday morning that he and Joanna's newest addition had entered the world, and on Saturday night Joanna Gaines let the world know what to call the fifth Gaines baby: His name is Crew Gaines (and we are in love).

Crew is not a very popular name (although it may become so now that Chip and Jo have chosen it), ranked number 712 on the Social Security Administration's list of top 1000 baby names. It has been sitting right around that spot for several years, since making a pretty big jump from number 942 in 2011 to 772 in 2012, but remaining pretty steady ever since.

The couple broke with family tradition in choosing Crew's name, as his older brothers—Drake and Duke—both have 'D' names and sisters Ella Rose and Emmie Kay share a first initial as well.

Back in April Chip and Jo told the TODAY show that Chip was leaning towards a 'D' name like the older boys', but Joanna was liking 'C' names.

"I say he got the boy, so I get to pick the name," Jo said at the time.

The older Gaines kids don't share an initial with Crew, but they sure shared Chip and Jo's excitement for the new baby.

Congratulations to the Gaines family. We're sure Crew will be a much loved little brother. 😍

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