[Update, July 13, 2018: Since this post was published on June 15, 27 more people have fallen ill and been added to the CDC's investigation, bringing the total number of cases to 100. The CDC is now urging consumers not to eat any Honey Smacks, regardless of the best-by date. ]

For a lot of parents, dry cereal is a pantry staple. It's a no-fuss breakfast food, an easy-to-go toddler snack, and sometimes, a way for the adults to get a sweet carb fix after the kids have gone to bed.

If that's the case in your house, you should check if you have a box of Honey Smacks, because that cereal is being recalled due to an outbreak of salmonella.




The recalled Honey Smacks have a "best if used by" date on the box. The recalled boxes have a date of June 14, 2018 through June 14, 2019. The UPC codes are 38000 39103 and 38000 14810.

Thankfully, no deaths have been linked to the cereal, but according to the CDC, 73 people from 31 states have been infected with the outbreak strain. Salmonella causes fever, cramps, and diarrhea, and kids under five are more likely to end up with a severe case.

A lot of parents prefer to organize their pantries without bulky cereal boxes. If you're like Khloe Kardashian and take your cereal out of the box put it in a more tidy container, the CDC has an extra step for you: "Thoroughly wash the container with warm, soapy water before using it again to remove harmful germs that could contaminate other food," it notes on the recall page.

If you forgot to label your cereal containers and can't remember if what you've got is Honey Smacks or something else, the CDC recommends tossing the cereal just to be safe.

Kellogg's is offering refunds to impacted customers. You can call 1-800-962-1413 or contact the company through its website.