We love Kristen Bell and her laid back approach to motherhood. Kristen is the kind of mother who isn’t afraid to walk through the grocery store with stickers on her face or use her breast pump during a work call.

Basically, she gets us, and that’s why we’re so excited to hear that her new project with husband Dax Shepard is a line of baby supplies at Walmart!

It’s called Hello Bello, and it’s a plant-based baby brand offering parents diapers (with sloths on them!), wipes, shampoo and body wash, bubble bath, baby lotion, diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer, mineral sunscreen, bug spray and laundry detergent. Prices range from $1.88 to $23.94, and the couple certainly had affordability in mind when working on the range, but didn’t compromise on ingredients.

“We use plant-based ingredients and organic botanicals that are better for our kids and better for our world,” Kristen explains.

In a video posted to Instagram, Kristen explains “your mom decided what was in it,” before Dax adds: “And your dad decided how much it was gonna cost.”

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The line is already generating a ton of buzz, not only because Kristen + Dax are adorable, but also because the products are. Just look at the sloths print on these cute little diapers!

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Check out the whole Hello Bello collection on Walmart.com.

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