When I was pregnant with my one and only child a woman I worked with told me pregnancy would get easier the more I did it. I didn’t believe her back then (I’m sticking with one), but I do believe Chrissy Teigen. I mean, she’s a cookbook author, a hilarious host, a style icon and she just announced she’s also the creative consultant for the new Pampers Pure line. She’s basically #momgoals.

Now pregnant with her second child, a baby boy, Teigen recently sat down with E! to chat about the transition from one to two. She says her second pregnancy has been a totally different experience.

“You definitely have more time of enjoying it,” she tells E!, recalling how when she was pregnant with daughter Luna—who is now nearly two—everything was just so new. She worried about if she was sleeping the right way, or if the snack she’d picked was okay for pregnant people.

“I was so nervous for the first six months of Luna, and now I just went in enjoying it. I know he’s good, I can feel him rolling around. Nothing’s a surprise.”

Teigen admits she still worries, but this time it’s not about the pregnancy part. These days she’s more concerned about what’ll happen after the pregnancy, when her family grows from three to four.

“With this baby boy I still find myself looking at Luna a lot,” she says. “I’m still worried about if she’s gonna be jealous, is she gonna be mad at me when he comes out?”

Teigen told E! she’s heard older kids can get very excited about a new baby—until they realize that baby’s staying forever. According to experts, that does sometimes happen, but parents can help the transition go as smoothly as possible.

“No one likes to be dethroned, especially young children who may seem welcoming at first, then show signs of dissatisfaction,” social psychologist Susan Newman, Ph.D, previously told Motherly. “Be ready to acknowledge your older child’s feelings and change of heart with comforting support and time alone with you.”

Nina Howe, a professor of early childhood education at Concordia University, agrees. “Yes, there’s research that shows that sometimes the firstborn can be a little bit aggressive,” Howe previously told Motherly, “but in almost all cases that passes within three to four months,” she says.

Teigen says that Luna reminds her a lot of herself, attitude-wise, and that the toddler is also really loving and nurturing towards her baby dolls. She might be surprised when her little brother arrives, but it sounds like Luna is well suited for the role of big sister.

Her mom is definitely well-suited for pregnancy, telling E! she’s a very happy pregnant person and loves maternity style. If she ever does decide to do it again, we’re sure a third pregnancy would again be a totally different experience.

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