Are you registered to vote, mama?

You can check here (and register, too).

Are you registered to vote, mama?
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As mothers, we're changing the world through our children, but we can also change the world for them by showing up to vote on election day.

That is harder than ever this year, as the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our lives and childcare arrangements into chaos. But 2020 is a critical election and those who can vote, absolutely should.

The deadlines to register to vote vary state by state but many are in early October. The time to register to vote is now.

Here's how to check if you are registered to vote, and what to do if you're not:

Check to see if you're registered

If you've moved or changed your name recently, it's really important to check if you're registered to vote. And even if you haven't changed anything, you should still check.


The deadlines to register to vote vary by state. In some places, you can register right up until election day, but in many states, the deadlines are much sooner—we're talking this week. (If you're in North Dakota you don't need to register to vote, it's the one state that doesn't require it).

You can check to see if you're registered using this tool from

What to do if you're not registered

Get that fixed so you can vote.

In most states (and DC) you can register online to vote.

You can even do it right here, right now.

Make a plan for election day

Okay, now that you're registered to vote, you can start planning for November 3.

Find out where your local polling place is (you can enter your address here), arrange childcare if necessary, grab a mask and make sure you bring your ID because two-thirds of states either require or can request that you provide some.

Bottom line: You can do this, mama!

It's wild to think that we, as women, have only had the privilege of voting for 100 years. That's how long it's been since the 19th amendment gave America's women the right to participate in democracy. We have the right. Now we have to exercise it.

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