He's one of the biggest influencers in the world, and he's just 6 years old. Kids all over the world watch Ryan of the wildly popular YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview and now Ryan is helping kids turn screen time into playtime by launching his own line of toys, which hits Walmart shelves on August 6.

In three years Ryan (whose parents don't use his last name publicly) has gone from an unknown 3-year-old to a worldwide phenomenon, attracting billions of views to his six YouTube channels every month, and now, thanks to a partnership with pocket.watch, a kids entertainment company, he's ushering in a new era where YouTube stars aren't just playing with toys, they're selling their own.

YouTube is bleeding into real life and Ryan is leading the way as the creative director of his new brand, Ryan's World. Ryan-approved YouTube staples like slime, surprise eggs, stuffed animals and squishies, mean kids can interact with Ryan's World even when the iPad isn't on.

Screentime experts suggest that getting kids to engage with their favorite screen-based characters in creative play is one way to help them develop a healthy relationship with screen-based media. For kids who are obsessed with Ryan, bringing the YouTube star and his favorite characters (Ryan's Super Hero Alter Ego the Red Titan, Gus The Gummy Gator, Combo Panda, Peck the Penguin, and Moe) into their lives in a physical way is a way to do that.

Walmart and pocket.watch are also offering a pop-up experience for families across the country with a "75-location experiential tour celebrating Ryan's World" in Walmart parking lots. Characters from Ryan's YouTube channels will be available for photo opportunities, kids can demo the new toys and Ryan himself will be making some surprise appearances.

Children's media is changing, and this 6-year-old is leading the way.

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