Abbott Manufacturing, the maker of Similac formulas and Pedialyte, issued a voluntary recall of certain lots of liquid formula, noting that some of its 2-ounce bottles of ready-to-feed formula and its Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution have an issue with the bottle cap not properly closing, which could cause product spoilage. 

The company states that fewer than 1% of the bottles recalled may have caps that have not sealed completely, and that the limited recall is not expected to impact infant formula supply on the grand scale. No powdered formulas are included in the recall. 

“This recall equates to less than one day’s worth of the total number of ounces of infant formula fed in the U.S. and is not expected to impact the overall U.S. infant formula supply,” the company said in a statement. The voluntary recall comes after a wide-ranging recall of Abbott’s powdered formulas in February 2022. An ensuing shutdown of the Abbott plant in Sturgis, Michigan caused a major disruption in formula supply and contributed to a nationwide infant formula shortage, the effects of which are still lingering, even many months later.

The unsealed bottle cap issue could lead to spoilage in the liquid formulas, which the company notes may cause gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea in children. Here’s how to know if your infant formula is affected by the recall.

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List of products affected by the Abbott Similac liquid formula recall

Most of the products affected by the recall are distributed by hospitals and doctors’ offices, but some are available on retail shelves. The products were manufactured at the company’s Columbus, Ohio location. To determine if your product has been recalled, check the list below and look up the lot number

2 fl oz ready-to-feed liquid products included in the voluntary recall:

  • US – certain lots of Similac 360 Total Care, Similac 360 Total Care Sensitive, Similac Special Care 24, Similac Pro-Total Comfort, Similac NeoSure, Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution
  • Canada – 1 lot of Pedalyte Electrolyte Solution; 1 lot of Similac Water (Sterilized)
  • Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Curacao, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica – 1 lot of Similac 360 Total Care Sensitive 
  • Puerto Rico, Curacao, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Haiti, St. Thomas, St. Croix – 1 lot of Similac 360 Total Care
  • Panama – 2 lots of Similac Pro-Total Comfort 
  • Dominican Republic – 1 lot of Similac Stage 1 
  • Colombia – 1 lot of Similac Stage 1 

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How to check if your products have been recalled in the Similac recall 2022

Abbott notes that the products included in the recall were mostly distributed to hospitals and to some doctors’ offices, and some were sent to retailers. Only certain lots are being recalled, not all 2-ounce liquid formula bottles. Abbott offers a product lookup to check your product’s lot number or you can view the full list here.

Similac 360 Total Care is included in Similac Liquid Formula Recall - lot numbers

What to do if your products have been recalled

If your products are affected by the recall, ​​do not use the product and throw it away. If you have further questions about your child’s feeding or health, reach out to your child’s pediatrician.