Imagine having a baby and then, a month later—surprise—you’re having two more! It sounds impossible but it really happened to a 20-year-old mother in Bangladesh recently.

According to the BBC, Arifa Sultana welcomed a baby boy in February and went home from the hospital with her baby. But 26 days later she was back at the hospital and in a lot of pain.

She’d never had an ultrasound during her pregnancy, and when the doctors performed one they realized Sultana had a second uterus, and a pair of full-term twins were needing to get out of it.

“When the patient came in we performed an ultrasound on her and found there were twin babies,” Dr. Sheila Poddar, who delivered the twins (a girl and a boy) by emergency C-section told the BBC.

After four days in the hospital, the twins went home with their mama and big brother (if you can call a 1-month-old a big brother). “The babies and her are all healthy. I am very, very happy that everything went well,” Dr. Poddar explained, noting that she’s never seen anything like this in her career and was quite shocked.

As CNN reports, the condition that led to these non-triplet triplets is known as uterus didelphys and it is a rare congenital abnormality. According to Agence France-Press, Sultana was initially concerned about the cost of bringing up two additional babies, but her husband calls the extra children a miracle and says he plans to do his best to make them happy.

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