Mamas, we've all been there. Just minutes after you and your little one walk through Target's automatic doors, you start to hear faint crying sounds that quickly crescendo into a full-blown wail. If you have more than one kid, then it may sound like you have a full orchestra bellowing in your shopping cart. You end up flustered and feeling a bit embarrassed, especially when other shoppers stand there watching.

That's why Tiffany Jones-Guillory is the superhero we all need.

Jones-Guillory, a mom from Pearland, Texas, went viral after a Target shopper sang her praises online for helping calm her crying kids down during a recent trip to the store. Honestly, she deserves a medal.

The story goes like this: Earlier this month, Rebecca Paterson took her 2-year-old son and 2-month-old baby with her on a Target run. In the middle of her shopping trip, Paterson's two kids decided to go into meltdown mode—the one thing all parents fear when inside of a store.

The Pearland mom had started putting her items back on the shelves when Jones-Guillory approached her and offered to hold her toddler as Paterson shopped, Paterson wrote in a Facebook post on March 19, according to the Houston Chronicle.

“She walked with me while I got the essentials needed for the day and kept hold of my toddler while he calmed down," wrote Paterson, who plans to pay it forward to another parent in need. “She saved me today moms!!! I am so sleep deprived and was running on empty. A little kindness and understanding goes a long way."

Jones-Guillory tells the Chronicle that she has been “overwhelmed" by the social media response to what she had done for Paterson. She saw Paterson struggling and, as a mom herself, just wanted to help someone in need.

“I was just trying to do something nice from mom to mom, because I've been in that situation before," says Jones-Guillory, who was shopping at Target on her day off from work. “I heard how frustrated she was, and I wanted to be her guardian angel on that day."

To know there are people like Jones-Guillory in the world who would offer help and sympathy rather than judgment is such a relief. We should all be like this Target hero.

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