When it comes to parenting, no one really has all the answers. We’re all just doing the best we can. We don’t know if there’s a universal parenting “rule” that all families should follow—after all, every family is different.

One mama shared a rule that she follows with her children and it’s really resonating with us. Mary Duke’s approach to taking pictures with her children is going viral—for good reason.

“I have a rule that I’ve never told my children,” she wrote on her Instagram page, MySunShineBirth. “If one of them ever asks me to take a picture I will always say yes, no matter how I look or feel. When they show me this picture I always say, ‘I love me!’ Or ‘I’m so pretty!’.

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I don’t talk negatively about my looks around my kids. Even with 30lbs of pregnancy & breastfeeding weight I will not speak negatively about my body to my kids. Choosing to not avoid a camera, mirror or the spotlight is an extension of this.

After 6 years of being kind to myself for the sake of my children I’ve learned the secret. It becomes less of an act and becomes your reality. You eventually believe the words you speak to yourself.”

We love this. The best way to teach your kids to love themselves is to start by loving yourself. Duke believes in modeling love and acceptance for her children—and so do we.

You go, mama.