Remember when you were little and got to spend the night at your grandparents‘ house? You’d put on your pajamas, grab your sleeping bag and some snacks, and head over for what was sure to be a fun night of games, stories, cozy movies, and other late-night fun. Don’t you wish you could relive some of that magic now, as an adult? That’s the exact nostalgia that sparked the sweetest and most wholesome TikTok trend we’ve seen in a while, where adult grandkids surprise their grandparents with sleepovers — just like when they were kids.

In the videos, the grownups show up at the door, usually dressed in their PJs with sleeping bags in hand. The grandparents usually start out confused, but that quickly changes to delight as they realize what’s going on. Just check out this video of 67-year-old Mississippi grandma Pam Fair, who was surprised by her three grandkids (and a few of their significant others).


Surprised their Nana with a sleep over. They havent done this since they were little 😩❤️#grandparents #christmas2023🎄🎁

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“My daughter Brandi had mentioned that my grandkids wanted to come by that night but (they didn’t) so I washed my makeup off and put on my pajamas,” Fair told “Then the doorbell rang.”

In walked all three grandkids, 23-year-old Madelyn, 21-year-old Sydney, and 23-year-old Jakob, plus Madelyn’s husband, Russell Betterton, and Sydney’s boyfriend, Ryan Davis.


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Brandi, the kids’ mom, posted the TikTok video. In the caption, she wrote, “Surprised their Nana with a sleepover. They haven’t done this since they were little.”

During their sleepover, the kids looked at old family photos, and in the morning, Pam made them biscuits and gravy for breakfast, just like a grandma should.

In another viral video, New Jersey grandma Kathleen Goerke says through tears that it’s the “best Christmas present ever” when six of her grandchildren surprise her for a sleepover.

“Me and my 19 cousins would sleep at our grandparents’ house as children,” one of the grandkids, Julia Galluccio, told Today. “I recently showed my brother an old sleepover video, so we got a group text together.”

On Christmas morning, Galluccio and five of her cousins met up at a nearby gas station where they picked up snacks and changed into their pajamas. Then, they all headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to spend the night.

“My grandparents were so excited,” she said. “It’s been so long since we’ve been together like this.”