Technology and its wonders never fails to amaze little ones. But, the chance to see their favorite characters come to life on the screen and hear a personalized message just for them, well, that’s guaranteed to bring the most adorable smile to their little faces.

Variety” just announced that Cameo, the über popular app that lets you gift personalized celebrity messages to your loved ones, has now added a whole slate of children’s favorite characters. That’s right, Cocomelon is on Cameo! You can even send Blippi or Santa Claus to give your little ones words of encouragement or wish them a happy day on special occasions.

The service works the same as it did before: parents can choose a character, choose the occasion you’re highlighting so the characters know what to say and fill out the special order form (it’ll be sent to your recipient in 7 days). That’s it! Then, you just sit back and wait to see their faces light up when they receive your one-of-a-kind tech gift.

Variety reports that videos for kids will cost $25 or $30 a piece. JJ, Cody, Cece and Nina from the world famous “Cocomelon,” as well as, Blippi from “Blippi Wonders.” These animated characters belong to Moonbug Entertainment and cost $30 per video message. Other characters such as Mattel’s Thomas the Tank Engine, True from the beloved Netflix show, “True and the Rainbow Kingdom” and a very adorably animated Santa Claus are in the $25 category.

The original Cameo videos could include almost any kind of message from a broad range of celebrities and athletes. However, this kids venture will be slightly different. The Cameo Kids videos will feature ready-made templates based on a variety of different life moments including things like, holidays, birthdays and even daily routines, such as bedtime.

The videos are customized on a customer basis, which just means that when you select your child’s favorite character, you can add your child’s name, which is then spliced into the clip, and then choose from the video template for what the message will relay. The voice technology will replicate the character’s speech so that it sounds exactly like them when they say your child’s name.

Cameo co-founder and CEO, Steve Galanis said, “We’re building a platform where families can get their kid’s favorite star to not just know their name, but share support for every important moment in their child’s life—big and small.”

Truly a gift unlike any other!