What’s your ultimate meet-cute? For all my fellow romance novel enthusiasts, hello, “Bridgerton” fans, your dreamy meet-cute fantasy probably doesn’t involve immediately throwing up.

But when Fefe the cat meets baby sister (who is human, by the way), that’s exactly what she did. In a viral TikTok video that’s amassed over 23 million views so far, Fefe has a less-than-desirable reaction to meeting her human sibling proving she does not understand how to navigate sibling relationships.

The video starts with an over voice setting the scene, “We were so excited to introduce our newborn to our cat then this happened.”

Fefe the cat gets close to the carseat with the sleeping newborn. It looks like she sniffs her new sibling and then immediately feels extreme regret. Fefe backs away and then we hear a voice say, “Are you kidding me? She’s about to throw up.”

The camera follows the jealous cat to the other room where she proceeds to throw up. Not the kind of meet-cute they were expecting!

The first-time parents who filmed the whole thing spoke with TODAY.com about their disastrous attempt at a wholesome sibling relationship.

“In the months leading up to the birth, Fefe was obsessed with all the baby things we were bringing into the house,” Cayden, 26, says. “We’d find her jumping in the bassinet and crib. And she’s a really sweet, good-natured cat, so we were really excited about the introduction.” 

The Utah-based couple, Cayden and Katie, welcomed their daughter Maeve on November 7.

Cayden explains that he and his wife were initially concerned about Fefe’s reaction. Although, they still knew she would never actually harm or threaten Maeve. Two months down the line and it seems like Fefe has warmed up considerably to her sibling. Science proves having a younger sibling helps you become a more caring person, so maybe that’s the magic that worked on Fefe.

“We think she was jealous and had a stress response,” Cayden adds. “It definitely took her a while to come around, but now if we’re holding Maeve on the couch, Fefe will come and sit with us now. She’s definitely made some progress.”

Oh, and when the couple brought home Griffin, the family dog, Fefe wasn’t very excited either.

“She wasn’t too thrilled when we brought Griffin home,” Cayden shares. “Fefe doesn’t like to share attention.” 

The TikTok comments on Fefe’s hilarious reaction seem to understand the drama of having a cat.

“✨ and scene ✨ cats are 100% DRAMA 😂”

“My cat hissed and then hid for two weeks 😅 didn’t warm up until my son was 11mo”

“Cat said 0/10 return to sender😂😂😂😂”