Somehow, there are men out there walking around this planet in the Year of Our Lord 2022 who still don't understand the sanctity of Target. If ever there was a universal holy land for mothers, it's Target. So it's completely understandable (if hilarious) that this mom sobbed when she found out her husband went on a Tar-jay shopping spree without her.

"Mark came home with target bags," TikTok user @postively_paige wrote in the caption to her now-viral video. "I haven’t been to a target in over a month."

First of all: HOW DARE HE. Second of all, just watch the video. There isn't a mom alive who won't completely understand the entire gamut of emotions Paige is experiencing here.

@positively_paige Mark came home with target bags. I haven’t been to a target in over a month 🥲 I like to think it misses me too #target ♬ original sound - Paige Saffold Official

The comment section for the video, as always, totally nails it. Does Paige know it's a silly thing to cry over? Sure she does. But does it still feel like an emotional sucker-punch to find out her husband got to enjoy all that Target has to offer while she stayed at home? ALSO YES.

"She's a tired mama who probably hasn't left the house in a while and has been daydreaming about doing so," one commenter wrote. "Solidarity, sister!"

"So many people don't get that usually being a mom means not being able to do something on a whim without any planning," another writes. "You always have to account for your kids."

To which the mom in the video, Paige, said "This." Because it's absolutely true. Becoming a mom, especially when you have younger kids, means giving up pretty much all spontaneity for yourself. And what's more fun than a spontaneous trip to your favorite store?

Paige responded to many comments, saying it's ok to both "laugh and cry" at the video, because it hits a nerve and her reaction is also just really funny.

Being able to rummage around Target and collect a cart full of assorted items is a love language, okay? Now I'd say her husband owes her a solo trip for some shopping and Starbucks