If you’ve been a parent to young children anytime in the last decade or so, then you probably know the emotional and mental strife that surrounds Party City balloons and the non-simple process of ordering them. It doesn’t matter if you need one balloon or 30, trying to get the balloons you need is harder than trying to get into Mensa. Which is why this mom‘s hilarious skit about the matter at hand is going wildly viral—it’s hilarious and extremely accurate.

The nationwide helium shortage has been going on for eons. And yes, that’s a valid issue. But even if there was a magical surplus of helium allowing for millions of birthday and graduation parties and proms to have thousands of balloons per event, it would still be absolute torture trying to get a singular mylar balloon filled at stores like Party City.

Well-known social media personality and mom Chrissy Allen (known as @csapunch on Instagram and TikTok) always creates top-tier, non-problematic, super relatable content—and her latest skit depicting the process of ordering Party City balloons is another winner, winner, chicken dinner.

The nervous, people-pleasing, “I-don’t-want-to-burden-a-service-worker” demeanor of the mom customer to the bored, condescending, highly inconvenienced employee at the balloon counter are just SPOT ON.

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[And before you come for me about retail and service workers, please know I used to be both of those things and no one will come to the defense of these underpaid workers faster than me. THAT BEING SAID, whyyyyyy are the balloon-fillers so mean sometimes?]

This has inspired me to create a brief list of Things I Would Rather Do Than Order Balloons For A Birthday Party:

  • Have a cavity filled.
  • Get a mammogram.
  • Deal with my toddler after she misses a nap.
  • Volunteer to work the concession stand at an elementary school event.
  • Clean out 10 litter boxes.
  • Deal with a dozen newborn blowouts.
  • Take a preschool class to a candy store.
  • Listen to an hour’s worth of someone’s dreams/work stories.
  • Parallel park a semi.
  • Buy a TV in person on Black Friday.


Okay, okay, maybe some of these are a little dramatic. But so are store employees when you ask to fill a balloon, dang it!

Much love to Chrissy Allen for this video. It’s perfection.