The world is comprised of three different kinds of Disney families: those who can afford to go to Disneyworld or Disneyland, love it, and go often; those who can’t afford to ever go at all; and those who go once to say they went and call it a day.

While my own family falls somewhere between camps 2 and 3, this mom’s recent viral TikTok video documenting her own family’s day at Disneyland is a must-see no matter what kind of Disney family you are.

The video, titled “Realistic sh**show day at Disneyland,” shows a family of four embarking on a day at the happiest place on earth. And it’s everything.

“So immediately security stops us and presents us with two options: take the wagon back to the car, or they’ll kindly dispose of it,” mom of two (soon-to-be three) Chrys Marie begins in the voiceover to her video. “Then it was hot as balls, so we bought this $87 fan.”

The entire sarcastic, exaggerative-yet-also-totally-honest tone of the video is what really makes it. As a sarcastic, dramatic-yet-very-realistic mother myself, I watched it and immediately wondered if never going to Disneyworld would really matter to my kids. (I’ve also never been, and though of course part of me would absolutely love to go, the fact that my parents never took us is one of the very few things I actually don’t hold against them in regard to my childhood.)

“Finally after two hours, we got on our first ride—which was only a 55-minute wait,” she continues. “And now the kids are bored as f*** so we bought these $12 popsicles.”

The video cuts to her daughter being embraced by Mickey Mouse, and she’s not thrilled because she wanted Minnie. I mean, I get it.

“The second ride was cool, it was only a 70-minute wait,” Chrys explains as her son is seen having an emotional moment because honestly, who wouldn’t at that point? “He woke up like ‘Why did you guys bring me to Disneyland? I’d rather be watching my iPad.'”

She goes on to show her kids not eating any real meals, just candy and applesauce pouches—after spending hours finding a restaurant that could actually get them in without a long wait. They also didn’t get to see any characters they wanted to see until the parade later that night, which Chrys does say was pretty cool.

“The 10-minute fireworks show at the end of the night was about the most peaceful part of the day,” she concludes. “Then we ended it by buying a $400 light saber for Mav. And that’s a wrap on the most unhappiest f****** place on earth.”

People on Twitter felt this mother’s experience on a truly deep level.

Others mentioned that it’s an absolute must to plan out things ahead and make reservations for restaurants and fast passes, etc. And look, that’s true. But when you have little kids and you’re not familiar with how Disney works—not everyone knows to do this. Travel agents cost money, and while there are about a zillion free Disney groups and forums out there with tons of information, yes, but oh my God it’s all so overwhelming to people who are first-timers trying to plan a family trip to the park. The thought of strategically planning out rides via the Disney app and expecting my husband and children to adhere to those plans gives me angina.

“I thought I was crazy for being irritable all day spending money, waiting in long lines, and sweating an ungodly amount while listening to crying,” one mom commented on TikTok.

“We took our 4 kids (age 4-15 at the time) in 2017 and I’m still recovering,” another said.

While I’m not exactly checking Disney off our family’s bucket list, I’m definitely waiting until my kids are old enough to not make the trip a living hell.