Parents on TikTok are reminding us that not every baby is born a total looker, sharing photos and videos of their “ugly newborns” with the message that it’s OK for babies to need a little more time to come into their looks.

Sharing the sweet photo she used to announce her baby’s birth, one mom then shared “almost every other picture of him” in those early days, joking in her caption, “I thought he was the cutest newborn in the world too.” Commenters compared her little one to the likes of Larry David and Jeremy Allen White, with one person writing, “I love how newborns look like mini old people.” and another adding, “He looks like he’s about to accompany his grandson to a chocolate factory.”


#greenscreen I thought he was the cutest newborn in the world too 🤣

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Another mom shared the picture-perfect shot she shared to announce her daughter’s birth, along with the mildly frightened expression from her first-ever photo. “She just needed a minute.” joked mom in her caption, with commenters joking that her baby’s startled expression is understandable, given how terrifying it must feel for an infant to suddenly go from the womb to this world without notice or warning.

Yet another shared her sweet lovebug in his first few pics, joking in her caption, “He’s cute now I swear.” Of her babe’s tired expression, one commenter mused, “He’s lived 1000 lives.” 

One baby even elicited a “jump scare” from her own parents and commenters alike, with her adorable announcement shot serving in stark contrast to the first photo taken of her in the hospital. Another shared videos of her little one, writing, “How I announced my son vs. how he actually looked,” with one commenter noting, “He already lived life to its fullest.”

All jokes aside, the trend is all in good fun, and it’s totally normal if your baby isn’t a complete looker straight outta the gate. All babies are perfect just as they are, even if they aren’t necessarily winning any modeling contests until they’re a little bit older. We love them just as they are, even if they need a minute to settle into their looks. Honestly, don’t we all?