How is quarantine going for us, you ask? Well, as I sit here writing this, my 6-year-old and 4-year-old are legitimately fighting over a pair of underwear they want to put on their head. My 2-year-old keeps shouting ‘stupid’ over and over because it’s her new favorite word. (She is quite cheeky.) And my husband is in our basement taking his turn working in solace, while I continue to work among the chaos.

Let’s just say I needed a laugh this morning. As I’m sure we all could use a little more laughter right now. Cue: ‘Covid Comics’ by Alison Wong. Artist Alison Wong started New Mom Comics when she first became a mother, but recently her new quarantine-inspired cartoons are going viral because they’re making us all smile. And feel less alone.

They’re reminding us that while working from home without childcare is basically a circus, it’s a circus a lot of us are in together.


They’re reminding us that while this time-warp we’re in (where it feels like one day is actually one month), is very real right now—it won’t last forever.


They’re reminding us that while our hands might be begging for a good moisturizer—the importance of washing properly and keeping germs away should be everyone’s number one homeschooling lesson at the moment.


They’re reminding us that while we don’t want to go through the stuff we stocked up on so quickly, that we’re lucky to have been able to stock up at all.


They’re reminding us that while spending time together is fun and beautiful (mostly when everyone is happy and cooperating ), we will also never take alone time for granted again.


And they’re reminding us not to forget the many heroes around us.


But what they remind us the most is that we’re all in this strange “new normal” together.

Remember to laugh today, friends. (Alison’s Instagram page will help with that.)