As one commenter put it on this hilarious TikTok video that’s uniting the elderly side of the internet, “Every day I get called old in a new way.” A young TikToker posted a video sharing with the world that she just bought a house. It looks like a charming home that needs a little updating, especially as she zooms in on the landline phone jack on the wall. Then, she drops this line.

“What kind of USB port is that?” she says.

TikToker @3drinkgina stitched the video, which then cuts away to her crying face, crow’s feet and all, which is probably how most millennials are feeling upon watching that because A) how are there people alive on Earth who don’t know what a phone jack is, and B) how is one of them old enough to own a home?!

In the comments, all the millennials and Gen-Xers of the internet congregated to commiserate because there’s nothing else for us to do but die of old age. Lots of time to kill here in the nursing home, don’t you know.

“It’s where we strung the string so we could talk to the neighbors with soup cans,” one commenter wrote.

Another added, “I laughed so hard I peed my Depends.”

One wrote, “Live laugh landline,” which may be a little too on the nose for our generation, TBH.

This commenter filled their quip with more jokes that the youngin’s aren’t going to understand: “Why doesn’t she just search for the answer on AskJeeves? Does she not have an AOL disc?”

And then there’s this comment, which is technically correct, even if it hurts a little bit: “My son called them “Ethernet” ports from the 1900s…guys I CANNOT 😭😭😭”

Personally, I’m with the commenter who wrote this one: “My back & knees just cracked 😅🤣”

Also, I’m choosing to believe the young people are just trolling us all because it’s the only explanation my mental health can handle.