Get ready to meet the most polite baby on the internet. Two-year-old Grey Meeker has become a viral sensation by uttering three little words over and over again: “Thank you, mama!”

If you haven’t spotted a Grey video on your timeline yet, you are absolutely missing out.

The videos are largely the same, and yet they never get old. Grey’s mom hands him a plate of food, to which the adorably chubby-cheeked toddler inevitably replies, “Thank you, mama,” clearly always delighted by the prospect of sitting down to a meal or snack.

Watch some of Grey’s cutest moments here:

Grey’s mom started posting videos during the quarantine and quickly found she had hundreds of millions of views and millions of followers. “Grey is super polite, with everything,” his mama, Linda Meeker, tells Motherly. “He says please and thank you when he needs help with his toys, when he gets water, even when he has to potty! But he’s also 2…so there are definitely still times that I remind him to be polite!”

Grey and his mom first started racking up views on TikTok, where they’ve amassed an incredible 62 million likes so far. Each video is pretty much guaranteed to get a million or more views, with some going as high as 45 million. They’ve also amassed nearly 150,000 followers on Instagram just since the beginning of June.

And while their funny, sweet videos are the perfect respite from all that’s going on in the world right now, the family is also using their platform to be vocal about social justice. Grey’s worn a mini “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt in one of his videos, and his mom has shared a glimpse of his diverse book collection. We are so here for this wholesome content, and can’t wait to see what Grey gobbles up next.

While Grey’s typically seen chowing down on healthy foods like cut-up fruits and veggies, eggs, beans, pancakes, and even steak and shrimp, the cuteness factor jumps up even higher when he’s handed a sweet treat. When Grey gets a donut, he just can’t stop saying thank you—and who can’t relate to that level of excitement? Throw in his heart-melting smile, and it’s the perfect recipe for a pint-sized social media star.

“Grey’s Instagram has always been private and I only recently released it as a public account. But not before I pretty much deleted most if not all of our previous posts with family photos, Grey as a newborn…I want to make sure we keep some semblance of privacy,” Grey’s mom tells us. “Nothing in our daily life has changed, so it’s been nice. I honestly don’t pay a lot of attention to it, so that could be part of my naivety. I’m glad that people find Grey as a source of joy because this is just really who he is—and as his mom, I know that he is infectious. But also as his mom, my number one job is to protect him. So as easily as it came, it’ll be just as easy for us to give it up.”