If you’re married to or are in a relationship with a man, the phrase, “I’ve looked everywhere and I just can’t find it—it’s not in here!” is something we hear probably multiple times a day, only for us to calmly walk into the room and immediately grab the item our partner can’t find and hand it to them with a smirk…or pure rage, if you just can’t even anymore. While there are so many lovable and awesome aspects of our male partners, I’m not sure exactly what part of the genetic makeup of a male is that makes them completely unable to locate items ever, but I feel like it happens too frequently for there not to be some scientific reason. Like…just look for things!

Mom Annie shows that it isn’t a learned trait in men, but is a toxic trait straight out of the womb, with her viral video of her toddler son not being able to locate his jacket. Right in front of him. With mom pointing at the jacket. Her caption for the video, “He is his father’s son…” is so spot on. This video is proof that it’s literally yes, all men. 

Her poor son Hank aimlessly wanders around the steps looking for his jacket to leave the house, and as Annie is pointing to the jacket saying repeatedly, “It’s on the chair. It’s right there. Look at my hand. It’s right there,” the sweet boy looks everywhere but the chair. He looks in the kitchen, on the steps, and of course in the sky. Moms have all been there with their toddler children, and our partners, but this video is proof that men are incapable of finding things.

It’s obviously super relatable, as it’s been liked more than 2 million times and shared 127,000 times. And the comments do not disappoint. 

“I don’t have a son but I experience this with someone else’s son… he’s 34,” one woman shared. “The way he made direct eye contact with the jacket and was like nah that’s not it,” said Megan Gee. 

“Cut to 25 years later when he’s asking his poor frustrated wife where his jacket is and she’s like “IT’S ON THE EFFIN CHAIR!!” 

Yup. This is all of us. But don’t worry, many men feel a bit of shame when they have to ask their partners where something is, too. They’re very aware of their “ailment,” and dread having to ask her to locate something. 

But apparently, studies show it is indeed genetic, as men manage their thoughts differently than women, according to Dr. Ricky Arenson, M.D., a health and relationship expert who wrote the book “Women Are Superior to Men.” They’re apparently evolved to be protectors and hunters, so they approach things in a single-minded fashion. 

While that may be true, we are constantly evolving, people.  So guys, please at least attempt to move things out of the way instead of staring into the fridge for two seconds and saying you don’t see it. But don’t worry, we’re always here to help—sometimes begrudgingly.