It seems like a new parenting style or trend becomes “a thing” every week, and many parents share their own philosophies and styles on social media. While most people have probably heard of a “crunchy” parent—those who typically have a more holistic approach to parenting through homeopathic medicine, cloth diapers and wooden toys—this video about the lesser-known “opposite” type of parent is going viral. And it’s as amusing as it is relatable.

“I don’t know who comes up with these mom terms, you know, ‘crunchy,’ ‘almond,’ ‘silky,’ whatever, but I do realize that I am 100% a silky mom,” Amanda Spickenagel begins.

And if you watch this video and see yourself in it, you’ll know you’ve found your own personal mom village.

“I personally don’t know anyone who’s washing the sh** out of cloth diapers in 2023, but if you are, yay for you—not my style,” she says.

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She then rattles off all of the “controversial” ways she parents, and they’re truly *chef’s kiss.*

“As far as modern medicine goes, like giving your kids Tylenol and Motrin, we use these on a daily basis,” she says while showing a large bowl filled to the brim with those little plastic syringes we all squirt into our kids’ mouths when they’re sick. Brilliant visual, truly.

As for screentime, well, she doesn’t sweat all the regulations or guilt herself about it.

“This is our current situation,” she says, showing her toddler daughter enjoying a snack while watching her iPad. “This is actually probably the first time the TV hasn’t been on in a long time, but we usually have a Mr. Rachel or Blippi or whoever. I don’t care, turn it on all day.”

If you’re a stay-at-home mom (and even a work-from-home mom, because let’s be real—those toddlers are home sick more than they’re in childcare these days), you probably see similar scenes unfold in your own home on a regular basis.

She says if she could have received “two epidurals” during labor, she would have. (Honestly, same.) She also happily confirms her family is vaccinated: “Shoot me up with all of it.”

Outside of monitoring red dye in foods, Spickenagel isn’t sweating what her kids are eating, which is honestly an act of self-love IMO. “My kids eat whatever they want, like pizza, chips, fries, whatever. Eat it. As long as you’re eating, I don’t give a s**t.”

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She says she did breastfeed both of her children, but not for long.

“Not that it is anyone’s business but both of my kids had milk allergies,” she revealed. “I’m selfish. I’m not changing my freaking diet to that extent and it’s way easier than everyone can help. You know what I mean?” she says, smirking.

“Dad,” she whispers knowingly.

Now, raise your hand if you just realized you’re a proud member of the silky mom tribe!