Another week has come and gone and we’ve got all the viral stories you may have missed over the last seven days, mama.

These are the headlines that made us smile this week:

This meteorologist went viral for explaining pregnancy weight gain to viewers

When viewers tried to shame pregnant meteorologist Ashlee Baracy about her weight gain, the Ohio television professional took a moment to school everyone who sent in a mean email. In a social media post responding to viewers who expressed “concerns” about her weight and heart health , Baracy wrote: “My weight gain is normal, my blood pressure is perfect.” Baracy’s social media statement went viral, and she’s glad that people are understanding that the kinds of comments she gets about her looks are not kind, constructive or welcome. She’s taking a stand against body shaming everyone, especially pregnant women. “Now that I’m going to be a mom, I want my child to be confident in their skin,” she told Today . “Kids shouldn’t look at someone on TV and hear their parents say, ‘She looks fat,’ because what might they think when they look in the mirror?”

Baby’s family goes viral while raising money for her medication—the most expensive in the world

As Newsweek reports, the family of a very ill little baby named Matilde in Portugal is very thankful this week after they successfully raised $2 million for baby Matilde’s medication.

She has type 1 spinal muscular atrophy and a newly approved gene therapy treatment called Zolgensma. Because of the multi-million dollar price tag for this treatment, Matlide’s family started a crowdfunding Facebook page , and the crowd came through.

In two months Matilde’s parents raised the necessary $2 million. “We feel overwhelmed, it is heart warming knowing and feeling that the Portuguese people are so incredible, we are eternally grateful. We didn’t believe that this could actually happen,” her parents told Newsweek.

This viral story of a triplet who had triplets

Mama of three Judit Minda is raising triplets and she’s a triplet herself. She grew up with her sisters, Sofia and Szilvia, and knows her three little ones, Filip, Henrik and Amelia will grow up with the same built-in support system that made becoming a multiple mama a lot easier. “Having [Sofia and Szilvia] by my side has given me courage, helped me through tough periods and made me realize that there is nothing in life I will ever have to face alone,” she wrote on Instagram. “No matter what life will bring, I will always have two amazing [people] to count on.”

Viral Twitter debate proves the problem with assuming girls “mature faster” than boys

what went viral this week 0 When linguist Sabrina Granger wondered (via Twitter) whether the argument that “girls mature faster than boys” is damaging to girls, she got an incredible amount of feedback as people around the world said, yes. The old saying is damaging to girls in so many ways. As Granger notes, saying that girls mature faster means they’re going to be held to a higher standard than boys the same age (which isn’t fair to the boys, either) and the common saying is also an excuse for older men who prey on underage girls. Granger’s tweet went mega-viral and proves and important point: Kids are kids, regardless of gender.

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