There have been a lot of heavy headlines to digest this week, but there are also good people doing great things in this world, everyday.

We love seeing those people get attention, and that's why this week's viral round-up has us smiling.

These are the good news headlines you may have missed this week:

This flight attendant is the hero mamas need 👏

The first time you're flying with your baby can be stressful, especially if your little one isn't feeling the friendly skies. Jamie Applegate Hunter was on a Frontier Airlines flight from Tyler, Texas to Denver this week when she caught an act of kindness on camera. Another woman who was flying with her baby was having a hard time calming her baby girl. The little one was screaming, so a flight attendant, Joel O Paris Castro, stepped in to comfort the baby and give mama a break. Applegate Hunter snapped a few photos of the feel good moment and posted them to Facebook. "IDK how to make things go viral, but this flight attendant on Frontier Airlines from Tyler to Denver helped a mom calm her screaming baby, and it was PRECIOUS!! It was her first time to fly solo! It's the feel good story we need today," she captioned the pics. In a Facebook comment, Paris Castro told his side of the story. "Days like this make being a flight attendant the most rewarding job ever!! She was a beauty hahahah. She just wanted to explore the plane!!" he wrote. Applegate Hunter said she didn't know how to make something go viral, but it looks like she has learned because the story has been shared thousands of times.

This first-grader's back-to-school shirt is an act of kindness

Picking a special outfit for the first day of school is something many kids look forward to but one little boy is going viral for his back-to-school look. As AOL reports, 6-year-old Blake Rajahn wore a very special shirt to his first day of school in Georgia last week. His mom, Nikki Rajahn, runs her own personalization company and asked Blake what kind of motif he would like on a special back to school t-shirt. "I told him that as a back to school gift, I will make him any shirt he would like. It could have anything — a basketball theme, football, etc. — which are all his favorites," Rajahn later wrote on Facebook. She continues: "He thought a while and said, 'Will you please make me a shirt that says, 'I will be your friend' for all the kids who need a friend to know that I am here for them?'" Blake got a bright orange shirt with green letters to let everyone know that he is ready to make friends, and when his mom posted the shirt online it went viral. She is now busy whipping up t-shirts for everyone who was inspired by Blake's.

This mama heard her late son's heart again in the little girl it saved 😭

Brooke Eaton lost her 2-year-old son Cazmirr "Cash" Landers last year. His drowning death changed her life, but his heart saved another child's life. Recently Eaton got to meat the 16-month-old who carries Cash's heart inside her, little Lola Bona. As CNN reports, the two families came together at University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital in Minneapolis so that Eaton could hear her son's heart beat again. "As soon as I walked in the room, it was very overwhelming," Eaton said. "I saw her, and I just broke down and cried." Lola needed Cash's heart because she was born with a condition known as pediatric cardiomyopathy . Lola's grandmother Margaret Bond Vorel is eternally grateful for to Eaton for choosing organ donation. "Because of her great decision, we have Lola," she says.

40 moms celebrate their rainbow babies in viral photoshoot 🌈

When a baby is born after their parent(s) suffered a pregnancy or infant loss they are often called a "rainbow baby". The phrase suggests these babies are the beauty that comes after a storm for the parents that love them. For many parents who have suffered a loss, celebrating that part of their journey is important. That's why photographers like Ashley Sargent of Alabama have been seeing more and more clients looking to include a rainbow theme in their newborn baby photoshoots. That is why Sargent organized a photoshoot that has since gone viral. As TODAY reports, Sargent got 40 mamas together to celebrate the babies in their laps and in their hearts. "A lot of parents recently have been saying that they want to somehow incorporate that their child is a rainbow baby into their shoot," she told TODAY. "I had this idea for a baby to be adorned with colorful flowers to look like a rainbow. Once I posted that, we had so many mothers that just started commenting on the pictures and started talking about their own rainbow children and it was just like one after another. They all started pouring their hearts out." Sargent had the women pose in colored gowns, forming a rainbow. "I asked them to take a balloon and remember the children that they had lost and to let go of all the feelings and the pain and the hurt that they went through and to let go of the balloon," she shared. "It was by far the most emotional time during the session." You can see the full album from the photoshoot here.

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