The inner monologue of a parent waiting in the school pick-up line is a pretty universal phenomenon. But we wondered if parents all think the same things, or if we have very different self-dialogues.

So Team Motherly decided to share what’s on our minds when we’re picking our little ones up. Do you think these too?

1. “Oh my gosh, that smile!”

2. “Shorts are not a napkin.”

3. “I love their hugs. Even if they aren't as long or tight as they used to be.”

4. “I wonder how his day was and what he ate for lunch...”

5. “That better be washable paint on his new sweater.”

6. “I can't wait to hear more about how school went today.”

7. “My kid is sooo cute.”

8. “I can't wait to give him a big kiss!”


10. “Why does she look like she's been through five rounds with Rocky?”

11. “Why is she not as excited to see me anymore? Man I miss those preschool days.”

12. “Why on earth are there holes again in her tights?? They are brand new!”

13. Please don't initiate small talk. Please don't initiate small talk. Please don't.... “Oh, hi! Yes, it is very cold today.”

14. (As I'm smiling at the teacher to say hello) “Please tell me she didn't talk during class today...”

15. “Keep your head down, 'Supermom' is approaching with yet another volunteer ask because I'm so great at [insert ask].”

16. “I wonder how long it will take to get to the parking lot today which is 500 ft away.”

18. “ Why does everyone look like they just walked off the runway when I know they all work from home?”

19. “I missed cute little you today.”

20. “All the snuggles, right now.”