You've heard it a million times, “enjoy it now, they grow up so fast!“. Cliché? Yes. True? Also yes.

Somehow your baby's first year moves very quickly. We want to appreciate and enjoy the moment, but we also want to remember it forever. So, a big thank you to the creative people who have shown us that there are a bunch of fabulous ways to celebrate your baby's first 12 months —and all their adorable “firsts."

We've collected out 21 favorite stickers, prints, and photo props to accentuate the main feature: your sweet baby. Just don't forget to take the photo! (And here's our fool-proof tip: add a recurring reminder on your phone for the day of the month you want to take your baby's photo and snap away, shutterbug.)

Some glitz and glam for your little ham! Stylin' black and gold stickers from the Baby Smiles Boutique on Etsy.

Personalized + chalkboard + florals? Perfect for your little beauty. Found on the Maddie's Mom E shop on Etsy.

Bright and bold, perfect way to celebrate two months old! We are fawning over these fab stickers. (Do you make wallpaper, Lucy Darling?)

Adorable little creatures to stick on your adorable little creature. They will love the animals on these woodland creature stickers by Penny and Prince.

May the force be with you every month and you get a fabulous photo of your squirmy Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia. Star Wars themed stickers on the Little Monique shop on Etsy.

Action! We found just the right sticker set for the shining star in your life. Thanks, Snuggle Bug Baby and Me!

Double the cuteness: elephants and elegant prints for your precious twins from the Clams and a Ham Dog shop on Etsy.

A boho chic print + a wooden sign holder for a little twist on the classic monthly photo.We love your work and shop, My Sweet Baby Cake.

Bright and happy milestone cards to celebrate the excitement of your baby's “firsts". Take a photo, then jot down the date right on the milestone card to save with all their important info.

Got the monthly photo idea down? Here's a special something to mark your little ones first holidays from the Lucy Darling shop on Etsy.

Kill two birds with one stone in this deck: milestone cards + monthly cards all in one. Plus these say things like, “poop", “ROTFL", and “like a boss", so...they are awesome. From Peanut's Cards on Etsy.

Modern, crisp, and sophisticated. The right choice for your mini me from Leni and Co on Etsy.

Talk about a perfect prop! This would make a sweet addition to your baby's monthly photo from The Gold Doodle. Plus, it's only $20 for the banner you see + the rest of the numbers you need for all 12 months.

Could a onesie be any cuter? This one seriously makes us want to create another baby immediately. Shop Baby Booms, you're dangerous.

We see these wooden fabric numbers starting as cute, perfectly placed props, but by month five...things will start getting interesting. We look forward to seeing the fun your little one has with this prop!

Excellent (and pretty!) way to keep track of all the important things: how old, weight, height, tooth count, things they love, and things they can do -- all in one place. From Bugaboo Bear Designs on Etsy.

These blocks are expertly crafted, gorgeous in photos, and your baby will love playing with them, too. Super cute + fun = you're little one will definitely be into it.

We are swooning over these balloon photos from Mom Tog. There are all sorts of props you can use in monthly photos like a stuffed animal, a big calendar, a suitcase, or bright colored fabrics. Just don't use them all at once -- we want to see your babe!

The Baby Stickers app allows you to easily apply a monthly virtual sticker to your baby's photo -- taken anywhere. Plus, it's free!

Tweekaboo is an app that allows you to organize your baby's monthly photos, keep things private, or share them with only the people you select. Plus, you have the ability to create a hardcover scrapbook from all the photos you've saved.

Bambio is a more structured app that allows you to mark each and every special milestone in your baby's life.