Around Motherly, we think 6 month olds are about as lovely as life gets. With the thigh rolls and the belly laughs and the first messy bites of food, there’s nothing better than a chubby little one to snuggle up with.

Here are 6 things we adore about sweet 6 month olds:

I couldn't be happier

At 6 months old, the world is wonderful and exciting every day—and you make it that way mama. That’s why I always love to greet you with a squeak and a smile.

I'm showing my personality

Serious or playful, determined or content—watching my 6 month old personality shine—well that’s one of the delights of my age.

I'm about to take off

Bolt the dressers. Lock the doors. Plug the outlets.

Whether crawling or rolling, I’m about to take over this place. Enjoy these last few weeks with me stationary because pretty soon it will be. . .

catch me if you can.

I'm adorably chubby

At 6 months, I have accumulated quite the baby rolls, and now that I’m starting solid foods, I’m reaching maximum chunky monkey. Squeeze me while you still can.

I can sleep through the night

I didn’t say I will sleep through the night—but I’m capable of it and one of these glorious days I will surprise you and do it. You’re welcome, mommy.

I love my mommy

I just show it in funny ways.

You have spent the last year and a half growing me, feeding me and taking care of me and I LOVE ya for it! I pull your hair, scratch your face and (ouch!) bite your nipple because I love you, mama.