Winter may have just begun, but baby, it's already cold outside. The cold season can be brutal for parents shlepping newborns around the city, but it's not like you're going to stay cooped up in your apartment until spring. The show must go on, even in freezing temps. So to help you stay warm this winter, we've rounded up our favorite cold-weather baby essentials.

Here are 9 winter must-have products to survive the winter with a newborn.

1. JJ Cole Bunting, $89.99. The number one must-have winter essential is a stroller muff! For families in the city, strollers are a main mode of transportation, but sine baby isn't doing any of the walking, it can be a cold ride without the right gear. The JJ Cole Bundleme, which fits on any stroller, keeps your little one snug as a bug and protected from the winter elements.

2. Zutano Booties, $21. Zutano booties are hands down the best booties. You may be wondering what could possibly make these different than others. Well for starters, they actually stay on baby's feet! They feature two snaps so you can be sure to get a secure fit every time, smart! And these booties are made with the softest fleece material for keeping tiny toes toasty warm.

3. Bugaboo Buffalo, $1,249. In a city that never sleeps, life doesn't stop when the weather gets crazy, and neither should your stroller. You need a stroller that's going to perform no matter the weather, and the Bugaboo Buffalo has that covered. Four large, all-terrain wheels make this stroller reliable even in the worst weather. The Buffalo is meant to handle rugged terrain and bumps all while providing your little one a smooth ride.

4. Cybex Priam with skis, starting at $1,000. When winter storms hit the city streets, you need a stroller that can truly handle the slush. We've all been there, struggling to push a stroller through heaps of snow that someone conveniently forgot to shovel. Leave it to Cybex to solve this problem and create the most innovative winter accessory. We're talking about skis, yes skis, that can be used in place of the Priam's front wheels for a smoother and more manageable stroll through the snow. The skis are $79.99.

5. b&me Booker Vest, $105. This fleece vest is the best way to keep both yourself and your little one warm while baby wearing. It completely surrounds baby, keeping her extra snug. And it's worn under your coat to keep your body warm -- no need to buy a new oversized coat (or borrow your husband's)! Also, the Booker Vest expands as your child grows and can be used while baby is facing both inward and outward.

6. Ergo Baby Rain Cover, $39. Wet weather makes it tricky for anyone to navigate the city. Throw a baby into the equation, and it's down right dreadful. This cover from Ergo Baby will keep your baby protected, warm and dry on those gray days even if you are still getting wet.

7. 7AM Handmuff, $39. When it's cold out and you have to push a stroller around, you can't put your hands in your pockets. And forget about gloves -- taking them on and off to tend to your little one. That's why we love 7 AM Enfant WarMMuffs. These gloves, which you can velcro on any stroller handle, provide a toasty spot for your hands and make it ultra easy to take care of your babe on the go, in freezing temps. Trust us when we say that no glove can ever keep your hands this warm!

8. Boob Design nursing turtleneck, $79. If you're a breastfeeding mama and are going around town with a newborn, you'll need easy boob access even when it's cold outside. Not to worry, with Boob Design's turtleneck, you can stay fully covered and warm while nursing your baby on the go -- a true winter fashion staple for the breastfeeding mama.

9. Comfy Baby Universal Deluxe Insulated Stroller Weather Protector, $59.99. Your stroller's rain cover keeps baby dry, but it also keeps her warm! This universal insulated weather protector fits most strollers, including the jogging type, and shields baby from all the harsh winter elements.