Children are simple creatures and sometimes all it requires is a little love to figure them out.

‘Childhood’ is a term that requires plenty of care, encouragement and loving words—primarily from parents. Sometimes an absentminded statement that leaves your lips could scar your child for a lifetime. Buying them toys, taking them out for movies and playing with them are not enough—you need to find time to talk to them too.

Here are 9 things your children should definitely hear from you more often.

1. “Thank you!”

Yes, thank them for the little things they do for you. Make sure they are appreciated every time they make you a greeting card, share their chocolates with you, fetch you tissues when you have a cold, or put their dirty dishes in the sink.

2. “You can do it!”

Children who are constantly encouraged by their parents turn out to be more confident individuals than the ones who are not. Show your child that you believe in his/her talents. Encourage them to never give up. Treat them with their favorite foods every time they perform better in sports, studies and other school activities.

3. “I trust you.”

Trust is not just important between spouses—it plays a vital role in your relationship with your kids. Make sure your child knows that you trust him/her deeply. This would encourage them to be more frank with you. This will encourage them to not lie to you.

4. “How was your day?”

Find some time every day to discuss how your child’s day was. Make it a habit to talk about everyday happenings in their life, the new things they learned at school, their friends, favorite teachers, the classes they love…every little detail counts.

5. “I’m proud of you.”

Let your children know that they don’t have to be on top of the class or win a trophy for you to be proud of them. In this extremely competitive world we live today, it is important for kids to realize that winning is not everything, owning up to their mistakes, telling the truth, helping a friend out, keeping their rooms tidy, are all actions that should be truly appreciated.

6. “Can you help me?”

Take help from your kids often. It will make them feel wanted and also help them realize that you believe in them. Who knows, they might even surprise you with their unique ideas and solutions.

7. “I’m on your side.”

Your children should know that you are there to support them no matter what. Let your children realize you will always be there for them to lean on even when they have done something wrong.

8. “Things are going to be okay.”

It is important for kids to understand that things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. It’s up to the parents to make their little ones strong enough to deal with failures and move on with their life.

9. “I love you!”

Well, duh! Make sure your children are aware that they are loved fiercely and deeply. Tell them often how you would do whatever it takes to protect them and to keep them happy.

This article was originally published on CureJoy.