The invasion of baby gear starts as soon as you even begin to think about your registry. Adorable little this and adorable little that. But then there are those things that are not so little, in which case whatever is doing the invading should be cool and modern versus dated and cutesy. Especially when it's a necessity. Like a magic chair that's going to bounce your baby to sleep. That's right, you too are going to be the proud owner of one of those bouncy things your girlfriend swore by for her kid. But guess what? Your bouncer can look like a piece of art. Particularly if it's a Babyhome Wave. And this week, we're giving one away to one of you!

Babyhome's innovative bounce chair is highly functional. It offers a pleasant steady front-to-back rocking motion which relaxes baby to ensure utmost comfort (remember, magic!) and it also comes with the option of a stationary position. It folds easily and compactly and can be stored in small areas--perfect for apartment living. It's also made from high quality laminated wood and features a removable and washable fabric and a three point harness.

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