In Western astrology, the sun sign Capricorn is attributed to people who are born between December 22 and January 19. This sign is represented by the goat. If you think about a goat’s attributes: agile, strong, and nimble enough to get to the top of the mountain or balance on a precarious cliff, you’ll see how that translates to the Capricorn mom. Like the goat, a Capricorn’s personality traits include agility and physical and mental prowess. Capricorns make giant leaps on precarious ledges with confidence and success. As moms, the Capricorn parent is the perfect combination of adventure-seeking and frugal. Can your sun sign influence your parenting style

Here are a few more Capricorn personality traits you may recognize in yourself or your bestie

1. Capricorns are fiercely loyal

To their families, it’s natural that a Capricorn parent would be loyal. But a Capricorn mom’s loyalty will extend to anyone who has done her a solid at any point in her life. Show a Capricorn mom that you are there in a crisis, and she will never forget it, no matter how many years or miles have gone by. 

2. Capricorn moms tend to keep their friends close

Although Capricorn personality traits lend themselves to maintaining relationships over long periods of time, this doesn’t mean they are social butterflies. In fact, Capricorns tend to have smaller groups of friends that they stay close with. If you’re lucky enough to be part of a Capricorn mom’s inner circle, you’ll be rewarded with years of honest friendship. While Capricorns aren’t overly judgmental, they aren’t particularly impressed by drama, which means they keep cursory friendships with people who tend to be dramatic and prefer deeper friendships with those they can be real with. 

3. Capricorns are bored by judgey-ness

You won’t find a Capricorn mom starting a rumor. Like anyone, a Capricorn mom might enjoy it when her friends spill the tea, but it’s not really her thing. It’s more likely she’ll gossip about herself than someone else. Why? She’s just too busy climbing mountains to worry about what other people are doing wrong. And as such, she’s not going to judge you or look for your faults. Instead, she will embrace your time together and then respectfully move on to the to-do list she’s working on. 

4. Capricorns are workhorses

Whether it’s the StairMaster at the gym or long hours at work, Capricorn moms tend to work hard at whatever they put their minds to. They are just as likely to become teachers as they are to start their own company but rest assured, whatever they do, they will work their little goat tail off trying to achieve it. That means staying up late working on homework with the kids is just par for the course for the Cappy mom.

5. Capricorns have focus

Right along with that work ethic is a Capricorn parent’s ability to stay focused. This could mean a Capricorn mom sets a goal like saving money for a family vacation, and every action she takes keeps that goal in focus. She’s great at keeping her eye on the prize. 

6. Capricorns are frugal

Since a Capricorn parent is focused, this can translate to being frugal. While this doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to splurge now and again, they definitely keep to a budget and don’t spend with abandon (we’re looking at you, Leo Moms!). We’re not saying they’re stingy, we’re just saying they’ll clip coupons and actually use them. 

7. Capricorn moms know how to set boundaries

You know how in every circle of mom friends, there tends to be the one friend that says no to things, and it never offends anyone? Chances are she’s a Capricorn mom. Even though they are workhorses, Capricorn moms tend to know when their well is really starting to run dry. And because they are genuine people known not to manipulate others, the “no” or “I can’t this week” is met with complete understanding. 

8. Capricorn moms are honest

Another Capricorn mom trait she can wear with pride is her honesty. Part of the reason Capricorn moms are able to set guilt-free boundaries is their reputation for honesty. We’re not talking about brutal honesty; Capricorns are a little too tactful for that. They just know how to speak the truth without drama (we’re looking at you, Scorpio moms!).

9. Capricorns lead by example

Capricorns don’t just tell people what to do and then praise them for doing it; they lead by example. As a Capricorn mom, she’s the one who shows kids to eat their greens by eating her own. Her strong work ethic is instilled naturally in her kids, so the family is likely brainstorming how to solve world problems around the dinner table, then clearing their own plates. This is also why Capricorn moms tend to respect people who have done the right thing without seeking praise for their actions. 

10. Capricorns are adventurous

Capricorn traits include being both physically and mentally strong. Physically, Capricorns are risk-takers. While a Capricorn mom isn’t going to necessarily put herself in harm’s way (skydiving) when she’s got little kids around, she will try adventurous sports like mountain biking or hiking and taking trips to new exciting places. Especially ones she’s budgeted for! 

11. Capricorns are resilient

Some say relentless; we say resilient. As a Capricorn mom, strength and tenacity translate to resilient parenting. School unexpectedly canceled? She’s organized a group playdate. Grocery store out of half the ingredients on her meal-planning list for the week? She’s reinventing it all on the spot. But more than that, this is the mom that will show up when times are tough. She won’t just offer to bring you a meal when you’re exhausted with a newborn; she’ll show up at your door and take the kids to the park so you can nap. Serious illness in the family? She will come and clean your house while you’re at the hospital. Or she will just sit with you, while you cry. 

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