It's hard enough getting yourself through cold and flu season unscathed, but now you have a little person to worry about. You know that you're doing your best to take care of them, but they just seem so tiny and helpless! If only they could tell you exactly what was wrong so that you could make it go away. Thankfully, there you have tools at your disposal, which is why we partnered with FridaBaby to give away they FeverFrida and NoseFrida and help you and baby sleep and breathe easy.

In the earliest days of my daughter's life, I would lay awake, checking every couple of minutes to make sure that she was breathing. I was so afraid that I would screw something up, and all I wanted was to be sure that she was happy, dry and safe. Many times, she'd wake up crying, and I wouldn't know what to do. As it turned out, she had a stuffed nose and couldn't breathe while she slept. This turned out to be a regular occurrence.

We bought THREE different snot suckers (who knew there was such a variety of these things) before we finally got the NoseFrida, and it was a snot-sucking miracle. I tried the fancy electronic ones and got nothing, and the bulb syringes just annoyed everyone. But this was unbelievably effective in just one go, which I deeply appreciated, because you're not likely to get more than one chance sticking a tube in the nose of a ticked-off baby.

Now FridaBaby has come out with the FeverFrida, a smart thermonitor that monitors your baby's temperature every four seconds, sending any spikes to your phone as an alert. I can already see this saving my marriage. My husband only believes what he can see and checks temperatures day and night (from either end) to ensure accuracy. I'm old school (hand to the forehead works just fine), and I think rectal thermometers should be outlawed. Finally, we have a way to get an accurate reading, without waking baby up or subjecting any of us to psychological damage. The whole house is breathing easier and keeping their cool!

One lucky reader will win a FeverFrida Smart Thermonitor and a NoseFrida Saline Kit (a value of $90) to see you safely through the winter months! Enter below!