Children should feel supported when they both lead and nurture, and this means pushing back against age-old expectations that women should be caring and men should be in charge.

Changing these stereotypes starts at home.

When parents have 50/50 partnerships, children grow up with more egalitarian views and can envision more possibilities for themselves.

Telling children “You can do anything” is not nearly as effective as showing them they can!

By making small changes that create more equal homes, we can raise a generation of women and men who can be anything they want to be.

Here’s this week’s tip on how you can help support gender equality at home:



Kids’ beliefs about themselves and others are shaped by the world around them, andthey are often sent the wrong messages.

Traditional girls’ toys focus on appearanceand caretaking, while boys’ toys focus on competition and spatial skills

Kids areexposed to an average of eight hours of media every day, and in much of that media,women are underrepresented or sexualized and men are portrayed as competitiveand aggressive.


Make sure your kids play with a variety of toys so they develop a range ofcognitive and social skills.

Be thoughtful about what your kids read and watchand talk openly with them about the messages the media sends about womenand men.