TikTok mama Destini Ann has gone viral over her positive parenting response to her child acting sassy, or "max level spicy" (a phrase I now love and will begin saying the next time my kids are out of line).

With over 700,000 TikTok followers, the single mom of a daughter shares all sorts of positive parenting advice on the social platform in such a light-hearted and positive way, I'm wondering when she's going to be offered a book deal or daytime talk show position. Hilariously describing her daughter, "When she is a ghost pepper wing dipped in wasabi," Destini provides examples of how to positively respond to a child who is whining, acting sassy or being demanding in the now viral video.

So, what's that magical phrase, you ask? "Your message is getting lost in your mess." Let that one sink in a minute, and then check out her viral video (with over 8 million views!) for all the parenting goodness.

Destini's advice to her daughter has honestly made me rethink certain conversations I've had with my children, and ways I could have responded in a more positive way. In the heat of the moment, when my kids are acting sassy or whining, my inclination is just to try and shut down the conversation completely. Destini tells her child, "Remember the tone and the words you use really affect how people respond to you, and who wants to play when they're getting yelled at?". So true, right? This is a teaching moment for both her daughter AND the millions of other parents who have viewed the video on TikTok. I'm taking notes!


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