We talk a lot about the best part parts of motherhood. Sweet, drooly kisses from babies and sticky hugs from toddlers are enough to make a bad day turn bright, aren't they? We're grateful for the opportunity to be mothers—but man, it is hard, too.

Jessica Kilmer understands that. In an Instagram post that makes us feel seen, Kilmer says what we've all thought at one point or another: "Motherhood is freaking hard."

"Growing up I had amazing examples of mothers around me. They made it look effortless, they were my idols. I couldn't wait to have kids, and when I finally became a mom I got the biggest reality slap.

Motherhood is freaking hard.

There aren't any trophies in motherhood. We're all just doing the best we can, with what we have.

I know I post a lot of hard, raw, moments and thoughts, but it's important to me to share those to help others not feel so alone.

But there's more to the hard. It's also rewarding. It's beautiful. It's learning. It's so many emotions at once.

This is how motherhood looks on me most days now. You can see where my hair is falling out, I'm covered in spit up or breast milk stains. I rarely wear makeup. One or both kids are crying, sleep is next to non existent.

But it won't last.

Without hardships we wouldn't be able to appreciate the little, beautiful moments. Without lows, we wouldn't be able to experience highs. With no sorrow there is no joy.

Bearing and raising children may be hard at times. But there has never been a time that I wish my life was different, because these little guys have given me a bigger understanding of how great life really can be."