We know, we know—there are a lot of birth registries out there. And, the more we sifted through the available options for our own pregnancies and births, the more we felt like something was missing.

We wanted to know: What are the true essentials new mamas need—and what are all-time faves that are worth every penny? Which gear would suit our own personal lifestyle? And where are the products that are meant for us…not just our babies?

Time and again, we came to the same conclusion: The perfect, has-it-all-for-everyone—baby and mama—registry just didn’t exist. So, we decided to make our own.

We’re proud to introduce the Motherly Essential Registry Guide created for newborns *and* new mamas. Our meticulously curated lists are designed to take one (or many!) things off your to-do list—no matter what kind of mother you plan to be. From feeding and play time to health and safety, we’ve thought of everything you and your baby may need, whether you are just entering your first trimester or are rocking your little one right now. Each and every product and solution is hand-picked by a seasoned mama who gets it—because she has been there, too.

Unlike other registries, the Motherly Essential Registry Guide is designed to keep you taken care of as well. Whether it’s the most comfortable nursing bra, a diaper bag you’ll actually want to carry, or an organic sheet mask to help you unwind during nap time, we firmly believe that caring for the mother (that’s you!) is just as important as caring for your baby.

Within our registry guide, you’ll find customized mini registries meant to suit the way you choose to live your life, whether you’re eco-conscious, fitness-focused, fashion forward, on a budget, and more. We know your time is precious so we’ve made this entire experience easy for you, mama.

Planning your baby registry shouldn’t be stressful—and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Happy shopping, mama!

You’ve got this.