Playing music has so many benefits for kids—it’s even been proven to help grow unique areas of a child’s brain, leading to greater cognitive development and better academic outcomes. ?

Plus, watching your little one rock out? Well that’s just adorably fun.

Trained musician and educator Nicole Raposo shared with me how she helps to get littles ones excited about playing music:

Let Her Be A Rock Star!

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Using any instrument of choice, children will learn the beginnings of music theory by introducing tempo and technique basics.

Step 1: Show children how to hold the instrument by telling them where to place their fingers.

Step 2: As they play the instrument, introduce them to musical terms (i.e. strum the guitar, press keys on the piano, draw the bow on a violin, hit a drum, etc.)

Step 3: Practice fun musical exercises, like counting to start (1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4), keeping tempo (repeat 1, 2, 3, 4), and giving the hand motion for STOP in music.

Step 4: Have your child pick their favorite song then repeat the above cycle (counting in, keeping tempo, and stopping when the conductor gives the signal).

Step 5: End with a mini-concert for the whole family!

Nicole brings her passion for music and education into families’ homes through Curated Care, an online marketplace that connects families to talented and skilled Kid Experts like Nicole. You can find Nicole on Curated Care under her unique title “I Heart Music & Kids.” Find more inspiring activities here.