Balancing work, marriage and parenthood is a tough task for just about anyone, even Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. That’s why, in new comments, Kutcher says he prioritizes—and feels no shame that “work” is last on the list.
“The number one thing I work on in the entire world is my relationship with my wife and my relationship with my kids,” Kutcher said during a keynote address at the Third Annual City Summit in Hollywood last weekend. “It’s the most important factor and thing that I have in life.” The best way he’s found to do this, Kutcher added, is by blocking out some non-negotiable time on his calendar. “One thing I do is schedule my intimate life. I schedule my time with my kids. I make those blocks, hard and fast in my calendar, and I don’t move them,” he said. “Generally speaking, my weekends are off-limits. I spend that time with my kids.”
For him, that really means off-limits—complete with the phone set to “Do Not Disturb,” which allows him to be fully present for the sweetest parenting moments. “Watching my daughter make a decision about whether or not she’s going to share a cookie is a weird thing,” he said. “I’m like, ‘Cool, you just made a sacrifice.’ If nothing [else] comes from my kids, [let it be] understanding how to make sacrifices and be generous. To me, those are the most memorable things.” As proud as it can make any parent to watch those lessons sink in with our kids, Kutcher said nothing can top the greatest accomplishment of his life: “I married my wife.” ? As a couple both on-screen and in real-life, Kutcher and Kunis have been giving us #relationshipgoals for years. Now we can add parenting goals, too.

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