Whether your kids have made their way back to the classroom or spend their days at home with you, it’s inevitable that they’ll enjoy a little downtime with your gadgets and gizmos. Rather than avoid the screen time all together, why not introduce them to a few apps that will help them grow socially, help them develop fine motor skills, grasp core concepts like letter and shape recognition and enhance their love of music, art and plain ole fun?

Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings

Identifying their feelings and expressing themselves can be pretty tough when they just can’t find the words. While playing Daniel Tiger Grr-iffic Feelings, kids can explore their feelings through more than a dozen mini games that teach things like being proud of their accomplishments, using breathing techniques and counting to calm down, and of course, shaking out their sillies and showing off their dance moves. $2.99

Crayola DJ

Mini music lovers can have a dance party by mixing tracks to create their own cool pop, dance or hip hop beats with real DJ tools in the new Crayola DJ app. Color coded music creates an exciting light show and your little one can perform in front of family and friends while earning points for mixing and scratching their tunes. Best part: they can save their musical creations to play again and again! $1.99

Toca Kitchen 2

Little master chefs can get messy while cooking in the kitchen with the funniest looking characters in this sequel to one of our favorite toddler games. This pretend play-focused game allows children to get creative using a deep fryer, oven and juicer. With Toca Kitchen 2 they can feed diners their special recipes made from a mix of ingredients like chicken, pineapples, octopus legs and even vegetarian options. Kids will get a kick out of the funny reactions they get when their guests decide whether the dish was a hit or a miss! FREE

Tiggly Safari

If your little one loves animals, he or she will enjoy creating elephants, pigs, dolphins and more using basic geometric shape blocks. The game will help their spatial thinking, hand eye coordination, and letter and shape recognition. With 7 exciting levels, lots of animal sounds and 3 different environments, they’ll go wild for the Tiggly Safari app. FREE

YouTube Kids

Now when you hear your kids are searching through YouTube, you’ll be less likely to cringe at what they might stumble upon. With bigger buttons, easy scrolling and instant full screen, the YouTube Kids app is easier for curious children to navigate as they discover channels, videos and playlists that are family-friendly. They’ll find crowd-pleasers like Sesame Street and Thomas as well as content around their favorite interests like art, dinosaurs and more. Parents can modify their viewing experience to match their families needs. FREE