OK, I really don’t want to be that person—but did you know Christmas is only three and a half months away?! Well, if you’re a parent on Pinterest you might already be ahead of the game. Pinners start their hunt for holiday gifts two times sooner than analog-only present pickers, according to Pinterest.

Thanks to those early birds, we already have an idea of what presents will be packed under Christmas trees come this December…

Wooden car tracks

Homemade fidget spinners

Fanciful toothbrush holders

Stacking toys

Push-along toys

Custom plushy replicas of pets

Teething toys

Crochet animals

Sensory toys

Cardboard furniture

Hand-built dollhouses

Baby lumbar pillows

Learning shapes

Alphabet blocks

Kids’ drawings turned into dolls

Fabric balls

Personally, I’m loving the mix of DIY ideas and ready-to-order options. This way I can get a head start with crafting—and then resort to 2-day shipping when I realize crocheting animals on my own wasn’t the best idea.