So, you’ve been told that your child is easily distracted, impulsive, restless, and even hyperactive? You might have been told that they have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, (ADHD).

You are not alone. In fact, 1 in 10 of their classmates might be going through the same experience. Of course, ADHD may get in the way of everyday things your child wants to do, such as sitting still, following through with something, or focusing for long periods… but guess what?

Not only are there things your child can do to work with their challenges, there are some awesome superpowers that come with ADHD.

Here are 11 of them:

1. Your kid thinks differently—and that’s valuable

More and more, the world around us is realizing that old ways of thinking might need to be updated. And how can we start to see things in a new way if we don’t value people who think differently? Your child’s mind is unique, and that makes them a valuable contributing member of society. Their unique vision might be just what is needed to think of a creative solution that no one else has yet to discover!

2. Your kid has boundless energy

The National Institute of Mental Health says that hyperactivity is a major part of ADHD. The “hyperactive” part of ADHD can actually be a lot of fun. Your child has plenty of energy to dominate in sports, tackle any task at hand, and explore their surroundings. All this energy makes them ambitious and energizing to be around — others feed off their energy!

3. Creativity is easy for your kiddo

Your child’s brain is wired a little differently than most, and creative, innovative thinking comes naturally to them. People with ADHD make great artists, scientists, and creative-types, since their brains are naturally interested and inventive.

4. Your kid has an amazing talent for detail

Your child might feel like their mind sometimes works like a pinball—bouncing around from point to point. Sometimes this can feel like a lack of focus, but it also means that their mind is capable of covering many details at once or in a short time. In fact, sometimes ADHD is called an “attention surplus.” This means that your child actually does have the ability to focus really well, their focus just looks differently than other children’s.

5. With hyperfocus, your kid rocks the things they’re passionate about

Sometimes it feels like your child’s ADHD just won’t let them focus on something. While this is true, actually, sometimes it can help them to have super intense “hyper focus.” Oftentimes, kids and adults with ADHD have extremely passionate interests. Maybe it’s model trains, computers or playing the guitar—the point is, they are willing to dedicate endless amounts of time and energy to working on and perfecting the things they are passionate about.

6. Your kid has serious resilience

Not only can your child’s mind quickly shift from one thing to another, giving them terrific flexibility and ability to “go with the flow” and “turn on a dime,” but their talent for quickly shifting gears helps them remain resilient in life. In fact, those with ADHD stay cool in a crisis and are often E.R. doctors or nurses, firefighters, police officers, stock traders, athletes, and even entertainers.

7. Your kid is sensitive to others’ differences

Does your child sometimes have very deep emotional reactions? People with ADHD feel the world around them very deeply. Since they are a little different and get what it’s like to feel this way, they understand when those around them could use a little empathy for their own unique characteristics.

8. Your kid is spontaneous

“Boring” is not a word that is usually applied to your child. With a million ideas a minute, they are not willing to get mired down by routine. Maybe they want to invent a new language, or build a soccer field in your backyard. Chances are, their friends love to spend time with them because your kid always wants to get out there and try new things.

9. Your kid is willing to take risks

Doctors and scientists say that “impulsivity” is one indicator of ADHD. And maybe your child doesn’t always think things all the way through. And sometimes adults in their life don’t like this, but it can help them get ahead. Taking risks is necessary for achieving big rewards—after all, one can only accomplish so much while staying in one’s comfort zone.

10. Your kid is enthusiastic

Their boundless energy means they’re usually bursting with enthusiasm about the things that excite them, allowing them to go through life feeling super enthusiastic and rarely bored!

11. You kid has a world-class imagination

ADHD isn’t all bouncing off the walls. In fact, many kids with ADHD lead rich inner-lives and are prone to long, deep daydreaming. They can use this imaginative talent to write incredible stories, dream up new inventions or anything they want—the world is their’s to seize!