Breastfeeding is supposed to be one of the most natural things a mother will do. It’s portrayed on social media — and by that unicorn mama you met at the park — as beautiful and effortless. But you may not feel like a breastfeeding goddess those first few days as a new mama. Sometimes the milk doesn’t come out right away, or your breasts may hurt like hell. The truth is that (shocker), even the most “natural” breastfeeding mother often needs some help along the way. Which is why packing the right breastfeeding essentials in your hospital bag is the the only way to get you on the right track to becoming the beautiful breastfeeding goddess you’re meant to be. And if not, well, then that’s OK, too.

Here are 7 breastfeeding essentials you’ll want to put in your hospital bag now.

  1. Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads. Once your milk starts officially coming in, one of the best problems you’ll face is that you’ll leak. Yes it’s true. Constantly. Oops. These Bamboobies washable nursing pads will help prevent you from ruining the going home from outfit you planned to commemorate in your first family photo on Facebook for all to see.
  2. Phone charger. While you may be planning to unplug as soon as baby arrives, chances are you’ll actually want to have your phone closer than ever in those first few days to call for breastfeeding help if necessary. Keep your battery fully charged at all times so you can reach your lactation consultant (now on speed dial) and late-night text with your bestie who just went through the thick of it.
  3. Bamboobies Nursing Shawl. As shocking is it might sound, hospital gowns are not only hideous but they’re just about the least convenient thing a nursing mom can wear. Accessing your boobs can mean flashing everyone that walks into the room, whether you mean to or not. And while modesty may not be top mind, for some mamas it’s another unneeded stress-trigger. Bringing a shawl like this one from bamboobies gives you the freedom to keep nursing on demand no matter who’s husband’s friends’ sister’s father is in the room.
  4. Nursing Pillow. Nursing a baby helps remind you how much more you should have focused on building your biceps during your prenatal workouts. A nursing pillow will help give you all of the arm support you need as a new breastfeeding mama.
  5. Pen and notebook. “Left side, right side, pee and poop” are about to be your new mantra. While you can definitely download a trusty app for all of your baby activity tracking, a cute notebook and pen is really all you need to keep a record of all of baby’s moves.
  6. Bamboobies Nursing Brahhh! OK, preggers. You think your boobs are hitting massive proportions now? They’re about to become unrecognizable. Embrace them! And get the right support. Say so long to constricting underwire and go seamless with an easy-access bra like this one from Bamboobies, made with Bamboo Rayon.
  7. Water bottle and snacks. Even though baby is here, that doesn’t mean that your own health gets thrown out the window. You thought that pregnancy demanded more fuel? Prepare to be hungry and thirsty, like, always. Bring a water bottle, preferably one that is bright and hard to miss, so that you don’t forget to hydrate regularly, and pack plenty of healthy snacks since your body will be burning up to 500 calories per day!